4 More Days until “Revelations”

Announcing . . . Revelations

If God gave you a second chance, would you squander it or would you treasure it? In Circumstances Barbara Jean fed Renee to the wolves, in Revelations, they go toe to toe. Who will come out on top?

News from That Literary Lady

Comings Soon! “Revelations”

You asked for more Barbara Jean and you’ve got it. The tables have turned and now Barbara Jean finds herself needing Renee after she is diagnosed with cancer. But Renee is not so sure Barbara Jean has learned her lesson. Will Barbara Jean learn from her trial or will she use it to her advantage? Will the truth come out about Renee and Stuart? Will Renee finally walk down the isle with him, or will she walk down the isle with Charlie? Find out this Spring.

Circumstances now on Kindle

For those who love their Kindle and other e-reading devices, Circumstances in now on Kindle.